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Sediment Control & Filtration for Site and Plant - Micron Filter Socks


Micron Filter Sock - Sediment Control

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Micron Filter Sock

Filters silts and fines before discharge to the water course

Micon Filter Sock in use - silts & fines are filtered through the permeable filtration material allowing "clean" water to drain into the watercourse

Micron Filter Socks are an easy and cheap way of separating silts and fines from water that would normally discharge into drains and water courses. They are ideal form of sediment control for helping you comply with the Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG6 outlined by the Environment Agency.

Simply attach the Micron Filter Sock to the end of your discharge line to filter the suspended solids, such as silts and fines, which would normally be discharged into the water course.

They are available in either 100µm or 200µm versions.

Micron Filter Socks can also improve the efficiency of a Settlement Tank.


  • Helps you comply with Environment Agency regulations PPG6
  • Removes silts & fines from water
  • Easy to install - simply secures over end of discharge hose


Micron Filter Socks

The Micron Filter Sock connects easily to your discharge hose and collects the silts and fines which would normally be discharged into the drain or water course.

How to use a Micron Filter Sock

Watch the Micron Filter Sock in action!

See how the micron filter sock catches all remaining silts and fines that would normally be discharged into drains and water courses


Download the Micron Filter Sock datasheet

PDF LogoMicron Filter Sock Datasheet