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Case Studies

Click the links below to view details of some of our recent projects

Case Study 1

Project: Mega pump

Location: Swarkestone

Client: Local quarry

Overview: A request came in from a local quarry to replace their old hire pumps by purchasing a new electric submersible pump to be used to transfer water as part of their sand production process.

Maris Pumps Case Study - Pumping River Water

Solution: The Maris Pumps team were on hand to help and recommended a 90kW Grindex Mega N pump. Initially installing a pump from our hire fleet to prove to the end user we could increase flow and pressure while reducing their current power consumption we were quickly asked to provide a sale item.

Below our engineers can be seen installing the pump.



Case Study 2

Project:Surface Water over pumping


Client: Blue chip client ( Food industry )

Overview: Over pumping surface water to maintain a minimum volume in the drains due to contamination from site effluent

Maris Pumps Case Study - Pumping River Water

Solution: Three electro submersible drainer pumps with auto stop/start control, one pump per sump, with spare units on standby. The level controls are set as low as possible to keep the sump volume down which minimises any seepage of process effluent. The drains are presently being investigated and rectified by a leading drains care company.



Case Study 3

Project: Major Overpumping Solution

Location: Stafford, Staffordshire

Client: Blue chip client

Overview: Huge over-pumping project. Maris pumps were dispatched with short notice

Maris Pumps Case Study - Pumping River Water

4 eight inch Pumps and 2 four inch pumps

Solution: Appointed to over pump the existing city centre sewage while new drains are being laid and connected, the installation consists of 3 x 8” diesel sets running 24hours with a 4TH unit as a standby, the triple 8” pipe runs from the old sewage manholes to the 600x600 manhole in the main road opposite Asda, the 24hr service that Maris pump offer, as yet, has not been necessary on the site regardless, we are always waiting on standby, should anything occur.



Case Study 4

Project: Overpumping Solution

Location: Leeds, Yorkshire

Client: Blue Chip Client

Overview: A large Over-Pumping Project

Maris Pumps Case Study - Pumping River Water


Solution: Maris Pumps are contracted in to conduct a MAJOR over pumping project for a blue chip client in Leeds. And with Four eight inch diesel pumps, the job's carryed out smoothly. This job marks out brand new depot opening in leeds, and, the first job to be carryed out from the location.



Case Study 5

Project: New Leisure Facility

Location: Bakewell, Derbyshire

Client: Balmoral Associates

Overview: A large area of ground was excavated to a depth of approximately eight metres to enable to construction of basement areas.

Maris Pumps Case Study - Pumping River Water

3 nr diesel units pumping away in line with one of our Settlement Tanks

Solution: As the river ran within 10 metres of the site, water was a major problem. This is where expertise of Maris Pumps Ltd came in. For the next eighteen months we worked closely with the client to keep the water at bay during this crucial time with between six to eight pumps coping with ingress 24/7.



Case Study 6

Project: Salvage Shipwrecks off the coast of Port Buchanan

Location: Liberia, West Africa

Client: Liberian Authorities

Overview: Our UK based client approached us with a requirement to remove water from a series of shipwrecks to enable salvage of the vessels.

Salvage Shipwrecks off the coast of Port Buchanan

Maris Pumps Ltd involved in cleaning up the beautiful Liberian coastline

Maris Pumps Ltd

Our selection of SPP Stirling units prior to shipment together with our client

Solution: As hire was not an option due to the distances involved, Maris Pumps Ltd put together a package for the sale of six diesel driven pump units and associated pipework



Case Study 7

Project: Removing Product from a Cement Plant

Location: Buxton, Derbyshire

Client: Tarmac

Overview: The need arose to transfer a large amount of sludge at short notice over a long distance from the plant to the lagoon

Removing Product from a Cement Plant

One of our engineers installing the pump and pipework

Solution: Due to the nature of the project and the distances to be covered, Maris Pumps Ltd employed one of our Pegson ‘High-Head’ Pumps complete with associated eight inch pipework.

The successful operation was completed over a two week period.



Case Study 8

Project: Fill a new section of canal

Location: Renishaw, Derbyshire

Client: R. B. Allfree & Co. Ltd

Overview: The need arose to fill a new section of the canal in an extremely limited time frame

Maris Pumps Ltd VS150 pump filling a new section of Renishaw Canal

One of our VS150 High Pressure Pumps working by Renishaw Canal.

Solution: We were tasked with the requirement to fill a new section of the canal in an extremely limited time frame. Our client requested around the clock operation and 24 hour support in order to meet their target time.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we rapidly responded by installing a 600 metre pipeline along with one of our VS150HP diesel driven units and completed the works within the allocated time slot promptly and efficiently.



Case Study 9

Project: To provide a complete stand-alone emergency flood alleviation package

Location: Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas

Client: Bassetlaw District Council

Maris Pumps Ltd emergency flood alleviation package

Our Sales Manager Richard Cutting together with the client

Solution: Maris Pumps Ltd prepared a proposal for the sale of a variety of pumping equipment to ensure that Bassetlaw District Council could provide emergency flood alleviation around the clock.

This package was largely composed of the sale of a new 4 inch rapid response diesel driven Pegson unit and a number of smaller units with associated hose and pipework.



Case Study 10

Project: Keeping fluid moving across roads & tracks during over pumping

Location: Construction Sites, Main Roads, Quarries, Power Stations, Sewage Works, etc

Overview: Maris Pumps Ltd identified the need to offer our clients the ability to continue pumping over roadways that cannot restrict vehicle access

Road Ramp™

The Road Ramp™ in action

Solution: To develop a ‘Road Ramp’ which offers a very low obstruction height without reducing the flow capability and avoiding blockages.

Introducing the patented Road Ramp™ complete with a 70 tonne weight limit.

Feedback from satisfied clients has suggested cost savings in reducing the need to bury pipes in the highway or erecting costly overhead gantries.