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RS Submersible Pumps

Single Phase Submersible with stainless steel outer case for clean/dirty water drainage applications

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The RS range of submersible pumps are designed for continuous duty applications such as water features and drainage of clean & dirty water. They feature a top outlet, twin mechanical seals, and are available in manual operation or automatic operation (with either Mac-3 cable float switch or Agma magnetic float switch) versions.

The outer case, shaft and motor case are manufactured from stainless steel, while the lower motor bearing/seal housing, motor top cover and volute are from cast iron.

All supplied complete with 10 metres of power cable and hose tail.

Key Details

Maximum Head: up to 16m
Maximum Flow: up to 350 litres/min
1¼” (RS-150), 1½ (RS-250) or 2″ (RS-400, RS-550, RS-750) outlet
Manual, automatic with Mac-3 float or automatic with Agma magnetic float for small sump installation
110V or 230V
We also supply a 415V 3-Phase version

Specification Table

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