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Maris Pumps M3 Diesel Pump

Inline Diesel Pump

The M3 is an auto-priming diesel pump designed and manufactured by Maris Pumps. Our new and innovative designs allow us to achieve excellent fuel efficiency and ultra low noise output all whilst maintaining ease-of-use.

Atop the unit a solar panel is fitted, making flat batteries a thing of the past. This is ideal for scenarios when the pump will be used on float-switches and may only be on for a small amount of time.

Designed from the ground up as a general purpose pump it is perfect for a wide range of applications, such as: pumping clean water, waste water, sewage, solids-contaminated water, high-temperature fluids, etc.

The Benefits

Extremely low fuel consumption thanks to high-efficiency design

Can be pressure fed without modification, which means that it can be used with another pump in series or can be used in gravity-fed systems

Industry-leading sound dampening technologies ensure that our pump is one of the quietest on the market

On-board solar panel trickle charges the battery to prevent the battery going flat when not in use

The features

Automatic stop/start system makes the pump easier to use and reduces the risk of burnt-out glow plugs and starter motors

Float switches can be fitted to allow for truly automatic operation with the pumping starting and stopping based on the water level

When not in use the pumps can be stacked to a maximum of 2-units high for optimum storage

Our unique trailer attachment system provides the ability to convert from a skid-base to road-tow and vice versa in less than 5 minutes

Contamination from rusting fuel tanks is a thing of the past with our plastic fuel tanks

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