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FloodStopper™ Emergency Flood Pump Kit

The all-in-one pump kit for emergency flooding

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When floods strike, be prepared with the new FloodStopper™ range from Maris Pumps. These all-in-one kits contain everything you need to help keep flood water at bay.

The FloodStopper™ Kit enables you to take a proactive approach to flood management in your home, property or business and gives you peace of mind that you’re able to quickly react in an emergency flood situation.

Each FloodStopper™ Kit contains a 240V electric submersible pump, a 10m length of semi-rigid hose, a 10m length of layflat hose and 5 FloodBags, an innovative new replacement for the traditional sandbag.

Two versions are of the FloodStopper™ Kit are available, the Standard and Premier. The Standard Kit contains a 240V submersible pump capable of pumping up to 130 l/min and will drain down to a level of 25mm (1″), while the Premier Kit contains a Pedrollo TOP FLOOR 240V submersible pump. This submersible pump, also known as a “Puddle Sucker”, can drain down to an impressive level of 2mm leaving little or no water in your property! It is capable of pumping up to 160 l/m with a head of up to 9m.

The supplied semi-rigid hose will allow to pump water out of your property up stairs, out through windows or doors, or over sandbags, while the layflat hose is perfect for pumping across level ground.

Key Details

– Each FloodStopper™ Kit Contains:
240V Electric Submersible Pump:
FloodStopper™ Standard: Flotec VIP 130-6
FloodStopper™ Premier: Pedrollo TOP 2 FLOOR
10m of Layflat Hose – for pumping over level ground
10m of Semi-Rigid Hose – for pumping up and out of your property
Wing Screw Hose Clips – for quick connection of hose
FloodBags Door pack- an innovative alternative to the traditional sandbag

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