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Western Global TransCube

Meeting multiple worldwide transport regulations, the TransCube can transport fuel safely anywhere you need it.

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Western Global TransCubes are fully transportable diesel tanks which are approved for transport of diesel fuel under the ADR Regulations. The TransCube range offers tanks that are fully bunded to ensure environmental compliance with Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2). TransCubes also have 3 sets of ports meaning you can run 3 diesel sets and pump diesel all at the same time. The access manhole allows easy maintenance and inspection of the inner tank which is rerquired for the ADR certification renewel.

Key Details

Easily stacked 2 high when full, or 3 high when empty

Maintenance and inspection of inner tank made easy with the access manhole

Lockable access hatch prevents unauthorised access to the tank.

Capable of simultaneously supplying fuel to 3 diesel sets and refuelling plant machinery.

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