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Vetter Inflatable Blanking Stoppers

Vetter Inflatable Blanking Stopper

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Vetter inflatable blanking stoppers are the optimum solution for achieving quick and reliable sealing of drainage channels, pipework and sewers.

Vetter Inflatable Pipe Stoppers (also known as Sealing Bags) are quickly inflated to plug sewers, keep toxic liquids leaking from tanks or boilers, and to prevent polluted water run-off from fire-fighting operations.

Vetter Sealing Bags can also keep the sewer system ecologically clean by guarding it against the inflow of hazardous liquids.

We supply an array of Vetter inflatable stoppers for sale and hire, each of which can accommodate a range of pipe diameters from 100 mm to 1400 mm. For each size there are two versions: a complete blank stopper for holding back flow or pressure, and a bypass bag which, when combined with the appropriate couplings can be used for air testing, water testing, over-pumping or fluming.

Key Details

Each stopper is able to fit a range of pipe diameters (see Specifications Table)
Capable of withstanding up to 0.5 bar (5 metres head of water) back pressure
Excellent holding on the pipe due to profiled grooves
Robust & lightweight design
Reliable and easy to use
Multi-layer bag design with fabric reinforcement enables expansion in diameter but stops longitudinal expansion

Specification Table



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