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TT-Pumps Trencher T400, T750 & T1500 Submersible Pump

Submersible Drainage Pump for Industrial Applications, Construction Sites & Domestic Drainage / Dewatering

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Ideal alternative to the Tsurumi HS2.4S or HS3.75S Submersible Pumps
TT-Pumps Trencher Submersible PumpTT-Pumps Trencher Submersible PumpTT-Pumps Trencher Submersible Pump
The Trencher T400, T750 and T1500 are a range of submersible drainage pumps from TT-Pumps that are compact, light and powerful. They are suitable for ground water and water containing sand and silt with a maximum solids handling of Ø 7mm.

The Trencher is an ideal alternative to the Tsurumi HS2.4S and HS3.75S – the urethane rubber vortex impeller and agitator allows pumping of liquids containing sand, silt and sediments, while the cast-iron pump body and casing & tough PVC strainer will withstand even the most robust handling.

Key Details

– Features & Benefits
Built-in Agitator – mixes up suspended particles in pumped liquid
Abrasive resistant urethane rubber vortex impeller – allows for pumping of water containing sand, silt & sediment.
Silicon Carbide Double Mechanical Seal
Automatic Reset Thermal Protection
Oil-free Motor
Pumps down to 84mm (T400/T750 Manual)
Compact and lightweight design – easy on-site handling
Option: Automatic operation with float switch
– Performance / Specifications Summary
Maximum Head: 22m
Maximum Flow: 700 l/min
Free Passage: 7mm
2″ (51 mm) or 3″ (76 mm) outlet
110V, 230V or 400V
10 m power cable
Supplied with hose tail adaptor and hose clip

Specification Table

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