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Tsurumi KTV2 & KRS2 Series Submersible Pump

Robust Contractor Pump

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The KTV2 and KRS2 series pumps have a similar construction to the KTV and KRS drainage pumps respectively; however KRS2 feature chromium iron suction covers and impellers for ultra wear resistance. The KTV2 and KRS2 pumps have a built in agitator to stir sand and silt into suspension for pumping. For greater durability they have silicon carbide/silicon carbide double mechanical seals.

To improve wear resistance still further, the KRS2 models also feature 4 pole motors. All models are supplied with 20 metres of heavy duty, H07RN-F rubber power cable although IDS (individually screened cable) is available, at an extra cost, on KRS2 models, for quarry and mining applications.

Key Details

Maximum Head: 23 m
Maximum Flow: 3200 litres/min
2″ to 150 mm outlet
Manual operation
400 V

Specification Table

Performance Chart

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