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Tsurumi KRS Series Submersible Pump

Robust Contractor Pump

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The Tsurumi KRS models are heavy duty drainage pumps that incorporate specifically designed 4 pole motors to provide excellent solids handling capabilities and wear resistance, in those applications where very large volumes of water, containing sand and silt in suspension, need to be moved rapidly.

The design incorporates a cast iron pump casing, motor frame and impeller.

The heavy duty motor is fitted with internal overloads, which enables simple installation and direct connection to the power supply. The 420 stainless steel shaft is fitted with an ultra hardwearing, silicon carbide double mechanical seal (in an oil chamber), and an oil lifter for positive seal lubrication in any position. This feature, combined with the water and air cooling channel to the top outlet, allows the pump to operate for extended periods with little or no water.

Maintenance is straightforward, with simple replacement of wearing parts without the need for a workshop or even special tools.

All models are supplied with 20 metres of heavy duty, H07RN-F rubber power cable although IDS (individually screened cable) is available, at an extra cost, on most models, for quarry and mining applications.

Key Details

Maximum Head: 34 m
Maximum Flow: 12,000 litres/min
100 mm, 150 mm or 200 mm outlet
Manual operation
400 V 3 phase

Specification Table

Performance Chart

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