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Trelleborg Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

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Trelleborg bypass bags provide quick and reliable sealing of drainage channels, pipework and sewers. Pipe plugs are available in many shapes and diameters. Thanks to a new and innovative production process Trelleborg has now set the new standard. The development of this pipe plug was necessary due to ever changing conditions and environments. New demands ask for better products. The inflatable pipe plugs are flow stoppers for temporary close off a range of pipe-diameters. The flow stoppers/plugs are very suitable for use in sewage-systems with inspections, repairs, cleaning but also for pressure testing the drain system.

We supply an array of Trelleborg inflatable stoppers for sale and hire, each of which can accommodate a range of pipe diameters from 40 mm to 1200 mm. For each size there are two versions: a complete blank stopper for holding back flow or pressure, and a bypass bag which, when combined with the appropriate couplings can be used for air testing, water testing, over-pumping or fluming.

Key Details

Each stopper is able to fit a range of pipe diameters (see Specifications Table)
Capable of withstanding up to 0.5 bar (5 metres head of water) back pressure
Lightweight – Improved positioning of the reinforced material means a much lighter product.
Flexibility – The improved positioning of the reinforced material in combination with its new design makes handling much easier. Tight manholes or 90° turns are no longer an issue.
Safer – The new design used for this pipe plug is more consistent in quality and can withstand even higher back pressures than before.
Benefits – This pipe plug is much easier to work with, enables faster installation and therefore is more efficient than other pipe plugs.

Specification Table




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