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RSD-400 Residue Drainage Pump for Cellars, Basements & Drainage Duties

"Puddle Sucker / Puddle Pump" - Residue Pumps down to 1mm!

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The RSD-400 Puddle Pump, also known as a “Puddle Sucker” or “Residue Pump”, is a low-level drainage pump, with an ability to drain down to 1mm – taking care of nearly all water residue.

The RSD-400 Puddle Pump is ideal for drainage duties in flooded cellars, basements and garages or any flat surface such as flat roofs and carparks where residual nuisance water persists.

An electric residue pump with 10 metres of power cord removes the need for extension leads, reducing the risk of water affecting the electrics.

The RSD-400 features a stainless steel outer case, motor pack and shaft, while the motor lid, pump casing and volute are manufactured from cast iron.

The submersible puddle pump is equipped with a non-return valve on the suction side, which prohibits the return of any water. The bottom plate of the RSD-400 is manufactured from cushioned rubber which helps prevent damage to the water pump’s tank bottom and floor.

Automatic Operation Puddle Pump with WaterGuard System.

Ideal for dirty water as a puddle sucker, this low level water pump works great as a flooded cellar pump or residual water pump. Available in 110v and 230v with differing maual and automatic types this submersible puddle sucker caters to all budgets and needs.

The RSD-400 is available in both manual and automatic versions. The Automatic option uses the WaterGuard Control Box and WaterVole Sensor to start/stop the pump when water is detected.

This pump is also available for hire! Just give our friendly team a call. Delivered from Chesterfield UK-wide.

Key Details

Maximum Head: 11 m
Maximum Flow: 180 litres/min
110V or 230V
Centrifugal Impeller
Complete with 10 Metres of Power Cable
Low-level drainage – pumps down to 1mm
1¼” top outlet with 25mm, 19mm & 15mm step adaptor hosetail

Specification Table

Performance Chart


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