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Road Ramp™ / Pedestrian Ramp™

Road Ramp & Pedestrian Ramp - Reliable & Durable Pipe Ramps

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The Road Ramp™ and Pedestrian Ramp™ pipe ramps enables you to pump water across a road or pathway causing minimal disruption to the flow of traffic and maintain pedestrian access. They can be used as single units or linked together in multiples. The Road Ramp is suitable for all sized vehicles and has been load tested up to 70 tonnes, while the more compact size of the Pedestrian Ramp makes it ideal for retaining pedestrian access across pathways.

The Road & Pedestrian Ramps are of a unique, patented design which allows water to be pumped across roads and pathways causing minimal traffic disruption without costly removal and reinstatement the road surface.

The Road Ramp & Pedestrian Ramp are available for sale or to hire – we can even manufacture bespoke sizes for your individual application. We guarantee a genuine 24-hour service, 365 days a year, so you can be assured we’re always ready to respond to your call.

Key to the Road Ramp & Pedestrian Ramp’s strength and durability is its triangular profile. The flat centre-section of traditional pipe ramp road crossings (which have a tendency to collapse under use, crushing the hose and causing leaks) has been removed at the design stage. In fact, we’re so confident in the design, we’ve load-tested the Road Ramp™ up to 70 tonnes – more than enough to withstand a fully laden British Fire Engine!

Additionally, the Road Ramp & Pedestrian Ramp’s lack of a box junction reduces their overall length and means they don’t get blocked up – even on the heaviest sewerage jobs, making the unpleasant job of de-ragging completely unnecessary.

Key Details

Cost savings in eliminating the need to bury pipes in the highway or erecting costly overhead gantries
Triangular profile provides ultimate strength – no more crushed hoses and leaks!
Load tested to 70 tonnes – allows any-vehicle access to your site
Does not block – even on the heaviest sewerage jobs
Steel plate construction
Available in 4″ 6″ 8″ – Bauer / Flange / Storz / Cardan Coupling – can be adapted to connect to any hose type/fitting
Lifting eyes allow easy on-site manoeuvrability
Bolt holes allow the Road Ramp™ to be secured to the road surface
Low profile – the apex is just 75 mm (3″) above the road surface, allowing passage all types of traffic and pedestrians with minimal disruption
Crossing width of 3010 mm for the Road Ramp and 1500 mm for the Pedestrian Ramp
Bespoke sizes available – Contact Us for details

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