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Ponstar PXL Professional Residue Drainage Pump

Pumps down to 1mm!

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Mostly of an alloy construction with stainless steel shaft, these submersible pumps have the ability to pump water down to approximately 1mm while the remaining flood water can be swept into the pump for removal.

The Ponstar pumps have a urethane rubber impeller and volute plate prolonging the life of your pump. Pump outlet is designed so that it can be altered from vertical to horizontal (to stop that annoying kink in the hose).

Portable and lightweight! Complete with internal check valve which must be primed if using in shallow water.

Key Details

– Features
Volute plate made from a special rubber for a much longer life expectancy
110V or 230V
Centrifugal Impeller
Complete with 10 Metres of Power Cable
Low-level drainage – pumps down to 1mm
Can be used with electronic control for automatic operation
– Materials
Alloy pump casing construction
Stainless steel shaft
Impeller and volute plate: Urethane rubber
Two mechanical seals in a lubricated chamber (1x carbon, 1x silicon carbide)

Specification Table

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