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Flygt Ready Series Submersible Pumps

Durable, lightweight and easily serviceable submersible pumps

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Whether it’s for construction or industrial sites, manholes or emergency situations, you’ll be ready for on-the-spot dewatering – time and time again.

The smallest of the Flygt electric submersible dewatering pumps, the Ready series is built to withstand tough jobsite use, removing contaminated water and water containing sand and gravel, with ease.

Flygt Ready pumps handle flows up to 420 l/min, heads to 14 m, and solids up to 38 mm in diameter. Available with power ratings from 0.4 to 0.9 kW, these portabledrainage pumps are lightweight and engineered for professional use.

Compact and Lightweight
Built with a compact motor and lightweight materials, Ready pumps are easy to carry, install and service. These pumps go where other pumps do not fit and can be stored easily in service vehicles for quick response to flooding or clean-up.

Made for Wear and Tear
The cast aluminum outer casing, stator housing and polyurethane hydraulic parts make Ready pumps durable for tough jobsite environments. They deliver professional level performance and higher wear resistance in a compact size.

Highly serviceable
Ready is designed with a removable top that allows easy access for cable changes and component replacements. The hydraulic end is made for simple and quick replacement of wear parts and seals. Engineered for repeated use, year after year, Ready pumps are the smart choice to reduce environmental impact

Key Details

– Features & Benefits
Tough and Durable – will withstand robust on-site handling
Aluminium and Polyethane Consutrction
Lightweight design – easy to handle
Option: Automatic operation with float switch
– Performance / Specifications Summary
Maximum Head: 14m
Maximum Flow: 420 l/min
Free Passage: 5mm for Ready 4 and 8, 38mm for Ready 8S
2″ (51mm) outlet
110V or 230V version available
10 m power cable
Supplied with hose tail adaptor

Specification Table

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