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FloodBags – Sandbag Alternative

Sandless Sandbags

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The FloodBag, is an innovative, self-inflating, flood defence system which is revolutionising emergency flood damage control.

When floods strike you have little time to act. FloodBags are transformed from being as light as a pillowcase to become as tough and heavy as a traditional sandbag.

The semi-porous inner liner contains hundreds of absorbent crystals which absorb water to 90% capacity in just 3 minutes. Once absorbed, the water is held by the super-absorbant polymer and the FloodBag acts just like a traditional sandbag to keep floods at bay.

FloodBag, used as an alternative to traditional sandbags or flood bags, allow everyone to prepare for flooding.

Key Details

Lightweight, just 200g (7 ounces) before activation
UK manufactured and tested
Absorbs 20 litres of water in just 30 minutes
Weighs over 20kg (44 lbs) when activated
Can be expanded in water in a bath, sink bucket, box, hosepipe or even floodwater
Can be used to divert water away from a building
Expands evenly, making handling and stacking easier
Easy to store in vacuum packed sets of 5
Can be stored for 5 years
The lightweight design enables easy manual handling for less mobile people
Biodegradable – can be disposed of in landfill sites

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