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Calpeda MXH Stainless Steel Pumps

Single and Three Phase Stainless Steel Horizontal Multi-Stage Close Coupled Pumps

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– Construction
Horizontal multi-stage close coupled pumps in chromenickel stainless steel. Compact and robust construction, without protruding flange and with single-piece lantern bracket and base. Single-piece barrel casing, with front suction port above pumps axis and radial delivery at top. Filling and draining plugs on the middle of the pump, accessible from any side (like the terminal box).

Key Details

– Operating Conditions
Liquid temperature from – 15 °C to + 110 °C.
Ambient temperature up to 40 °C.
Maximum permissible pressure in the pump casing: 8 bar.
Continuous duty.
– Motor
2-pole induction motor, 50 Hz (n = 2800 rpm).
MXH: three-phase 230/400 V ± 10% up to 3 kW; / 400/690 V ± 10% from 3,7 to 4 kW.
MXHM: single-phase 230 V ± 10%, with thermal protector.
Capacitor inside the terminal box.
Insulation class F.
Protection IP 54.
– Special Features on Request
Other voltages.
Frequency 60 Hz (as per 60 Hz data sheet).
Protection IP 55.
Special mechanical seal.
Pump casing seal rings in FPM.
Higher or lower liquid or ambient temperatures.

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