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Settlement Tanks for Hire

Hire a Settlement Tank

Hire a Settlement Tank.

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Settlement Tanks remove silts, oils and fines

Helps you comply with the Environment Agency's Polution Prevention Guidelines PPG6

Settlement Tank - helps removes oil, silts and fines from water

In order to help you comply with the current Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG6 outlined by the Environment Agency, Maris Pumps offer a range of settlement tanks for hire in various sizes to suit your application.

Settlement tanks, also known as separation or silt tanks, are available in a range of sizes and work by directing the flow of water through a series of baffle plates within the tank, allowing you to pump at full flow without discharging silts and fines into the watercourse or drains.

Each tank is fitted with 6" Bauer type couplings as standard on the inlet and outlet, but can be easily adapted to suit any size requirement.

All tanks come complete with lifting eyes and drain plugs.


  • Removes silts, fines and oil from discharge
  • Range of tank size available
  • 6" Bauer couplings as standard
  • Complete with lifting eyes and drain plugs
  • Helps you comply with the Environment Agency's Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG6

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Further Information

The Environment Agency's Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG6 states that:

Surface waters and groundwater have legal protection. It is an offence to pollute them.

Silt and oil are the most common construction site pollutants to water. Your site doesn't need to be next to a river to cause a problem; any pollutants getting into drains can end up in a river even if it's miles away from site, and can be traced back to their source. Drainage systems, including land drains, act as unseen pathways. If your site is near surface waters or drainage connection leading to surface waters, you'll need to take extra care to manage your site activities to reduce the risk of pollution.

Use of a settlement tank is becoming increasingly popular on most pumping applications and may help you comply with your pollution prevention responsibilties.

Settlement tanks are designed specifically to prevent silts and fines being discharged into the watercourse or drains - for improved efficiency, they can be used in conjuction with a Micron Filter Sock.


  • Separates oil from water
  • Remove suspended solids such as silts & fines from water

Improved efficiency can be expected when used in conjunction with a Micron Filter Sock.


Download the Settlement Tank datasheet

Settlement Tank Datasheet