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Pedrollo TOP 1-2-FLOOR
"Puddle Sucker" Submersible Drainage Pump


Pedrollo TOP Submersible PumpPedrollo TOP FLOOR Submersible Pump

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Pedrollo TOP FLOOR "Puddle Sucker" Submersible Pump

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Low Level Drainage Submersible Pump for Clear Water Applications - Pumps down to 2mm!

Pedrollo TOP FLOOR Submersible Pump

The Pedrollo TOP FLOOR range of submersible pumps are ideal for clear water drainage duties with a maximum flow rate of 160 l/min (9.6 m³/h) and maximum head of 8m.

They are suitable for clear water applications without abrasive particles and are ideal for emergency domestic flooding where drainage down to 2mm above ground level is required.

The Pedrollo TOP FLOOR pumps feature an IP68 sealed, asynchronous single-phase motor, a ceramic double mechanical seal and an impact & corrosion resistant technopolymer body.

Supplied with 5m Neoprene power cable "H05 RN-F" with Schuko plug and 1" or 1¼" hosetail outlet.


  • Maximum Head: 8m
  • Maximum Flow: 160 litres/min
  • 1¼" outlet
  • Automatic operation with float switch available as option
  • 110V or 230V

Applications - Pedrollo TOP FLOOR Submersible Pump

The Pedrollo TOP FLOOR range of submersible pumps are suitable for use in the following applications:

  • Emergency drainage of small flooded areas:
    • Drains water down to 2mm
    • Rooms
    • Cellars/Basements
    • Garages
  • Disposal of waste water in the home:
    • Dishwasher
    • Washing machine
  • Emptying Drainage Traps

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 160 l/m (9.6 m³/h)
  • Maximum Head: 8m
  • Maximum Immersion Depth: 3m
  • Maximum Water Temperature: +40°C (+90°C for max. of 3 minutes)
  • Solids Handling: up to Ø 5mm
  • Drainage Level: 2mm from bottom


  • Delivery Body: Impact and corrosion resitant glass filled technopolymer
  • Foot Strainer: Technopolymer
  • Impeller: Open type manufactured from technopolymer
  • Motor Support and Shaft: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Seal: Ceramic double seal with oil barrier chamber and inner lip seal (provides dry running protection)
  • Motor: Submersible asynchronous single-phase for continuous duty
  • Environmental Protection: IP68


Model Outlet kW Volt Flow Head
TOP 1 FLOOR 1¼" 0.25 kW 110/230V 120 l/m 6 m
TOP 2 FLOOR 1¼" 0.37 kW 110/230V 160 l/m 8 m

Dimensions & Weight

Model Dimensions W x H Weight
TOP 1 FLOOR 152 x 257 x 237 mm 4.3 kg
TOP 2 FLOOR 152 x 257 x 237 mm 5.0kg

Pedrollo TOP FLOOR Submersible Pump Curves and Performance Data

Pedrollo TOP FLOOR Submersible Pump Performance Curve

Pedrollo TOP FLOOR Datasheet

Download the datasheet for the Pedrollo TOP Submersible Pump

Pedrollo TOP FLOOR Submersible Pump Datasheet