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JST 415V 3Ph Submersible Sewage Pump


JST SK Submersible Sewage Pump

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JST SK Submersible Sewage Pump with Cutter Impeller

415V 3-Phase Submersible Sewage Pump with Cutter Impeller

RST-6 Submersible Drainage Pump

The JST SK series are a range of 415V, 3-phase submersible sewage cutter pumps. They feature a single channel tungsten carbide tipped impeller running against a grinding diffuser plate causing the shredding action cutting soft solids into smaller parts to pump through the body to waste.

The pump body, volute stand, impeller, lower motor bearing/seal housing and motor top cover are manufacture from cast iron, while the shaft and motor case are from stainless steel.

Supplied complete with 10 metres of power cable.


  • Maximum Head: up to 25m
  • Maximum Flow: up to 2200 litres/min
  • 415V 3-Phase

We also supply a 110V/230V Single Phase version

Available as a free-standing unit or guide rail mouted with optional Guide Rail Set

Product Applications


JST SK Submersible Drainage Pumps

  • Sewage Cutter Pump
  • Waste Water Applications

Performance Specifications

Model Outlet kW Flow Head
JST-8 SK 2" 0.75 kW 400 l/m 14m
JST-15 SK 3" 1.5 kW 800 l/m 17m
JST-22 SK 3" 2.2 kW 1000 l/m 20m
JST-37 SK 4" 3.7 kW 1200 l/m 25m
JST-55 SK 4" 5.5 kW 1800 l/m 19m
JST-75 SK 4" 7.5 kW 2200 l/m 22m

Dimensions & Weight

Model Dimensions HxWxL Weight
JST-8 SK 465 x 195 x 315 mm 27.8 kg
JST-15 SK 515 x 240 x 375 mm 37.6 kg
JST-22 SK 565 x 240 x 405 mm 49.8 kg
JST-37 SK 610 x 250 x 405 mm 55 kg
JST-55 SK 730 x 420 x 740 mm 76 kg
JST-75 SK 750 x 420 x 740 mm 86 kg

JST SK Submersible Pump Performance Curve

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JS RST Submersible Pump Performance Curve   JS RST Submersible Pump Performance Curve  


Download the datasheet for the JST SK Submersible Pump

JST SK Submersible Pump Datasheet