Puddle Buddy Drains Down to 1mm!


JS Pumps Puddle Buddy / Puddle Sucker

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Puddle Pump for Cellars, Basements & Drainage Duties

"Puddle Sucker / Puddle Pump" - Pumps down to 1mm

Puddle Buddy / Puddle Pump

The Puddle Buddy is a new generation residue pump, able to drain down to 1 mm. Designed to start pumping at a very low water level

The anti-airlock prevents the puddle buddy from air locking.

The oil filled motor, provides perfect cooling which enables the pump to run dry for prolonged periods
The use of strong and flexible elastomers makes the pump very light weight while providing a strong and rugged pump suitable for semi-professional use

The Puddle Buddy’s high delivery volume (120 l/m) coupled to a high delivery head (7m), makes the unit suitable for a variety of different applications.

The professional design allows for easy maintenance. The small footprint of the Puddle Buddy allows for easy installation in small and narrow spaces.


  • Delivery volume 120 1/m,max. Head 7m
  • Vertical facing anti-airlock valve
  • Starts pumping at low water level
  • Drains down to 1 mm
  • Small diameter footprint; 138mm (fits down a 6” pipe)
  • Supplied with hose adapter for use with 1”, ¾”, ½”
  • 10m power cable

Product Applications


Puddle Buddy

Designed for Domestic applications.

  • Rooms
  • Garages
  • Cellars
  • Flooding
  • Pipe Bursts
washingflood Pipeburst Bathroomflood

Performance Specifications

Model Outlet kW Flow Head
Puddle Buddy 230v 1",3/4",1/2" 0.15W 120 l/m 7m

Dimensions & Weight

Model Dimensions HxWxL Weight
Puddle Buddy 230v 260 x 138 x 138mm 5 kg

Puddle Buddy Submersible Pump Performance Curve

Puddle Pump Performance Curve

What does this chart mean? See our blog post How to Understand a Pump Flow Curve.


Download the datasheet for the Puddle Buddy

Puddle Buddy Datasheet