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Grindex Maxi - Submersible Pump

RS High Flow Propeller Submersible Drainage Pump

The second biggest pump in the drainage range. Over the years the Maxi pump has proven to be the ideal pump for heavy duty drainage applications in all kinds of segments. Be it Construction, Mining or Industrial applications, the robust and reliable design combined with the ease-of-maintenance make it the pump of choice for hundreds of customers around the world.


Product Applications


Grindex Maxi Submersible Drainage Pump

  • Construction
  • Industy
  • Mining
  • Many other applications

Maxi Submersible Drainage Pump


Technical data L N H
Discharge connection 10" 8" 6"
Rated output 57 kW 57 kW 57 kW
Max power consumption 62 kW 62 kW 64 kW
Rated current at 230v 107 A 107 A 98 A
Rated current at 400v 85 A 85 A 79 A
Shaft speed 1475 RPM 1475 RPM 2950 RPM
Strainer holes Dia 12 mm Dia 12 mm Dia 12 mm
Weight 540 kg 540 kg 540 kg
Height 1475 mm 1475 mm 1475 mm
Width Dia 750 mm Dia 750 mm Dia 750 mm

Grindex Maxi Submersible Pump Performance Curve

JS RS-AL Submersible Pump Performance Curve  


Download the datasheet for the Grindex Maxi Submersible Pump

Grindex Maxi