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Grindex Major - Submersible Pump


The Major pump is one of the more popular models in the drainage range, and it shares all important features and benefits with the other models, resulting in the lowest cost per cubic meter pumped. The drainage range of pumps drain water, not your wallet! The revolutionary hydraulic design ensures high wear resistence and dramatically reduces performance drop due to long time wear.


Product Applications


Grindex Major Submersible Drainage Pump

  • Construction
  • Industy
  • Mining
  • Many other applications

Major Submersible Drainage Pump


Technical data N H
Discharge connection 4" 3"
Rated output 5.6 kW 5.6 kW
Max power consumption 6.6 kW 6.6 kW
Rated current at 230v 11 A 11 A
Rated current at 400v 8.7 A 8.7 A
Shaft speed 2895 RPM 2895 RPM
Strainer holes Dia 10 mm Dia 10 mm
Weight 50 kg 50 kg
Height 768 mm 768 mm
Width Dia 286 mm Dia 286 mm

Grindex Major Submersible Pump Performance Curve



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Grindex Major