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Flotec VIPVORT 1¼" Submersible Pump


Flotec VIPVORT Submersible Pump

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Flotec VIPVORT 1¼" Submersible Pump

130 & 180 litre/min Submersible Pump for Light Duty Drainage, Pools & Gardens

Flotec VIPVORT Submersible Pump The Flotec VIP Series are designed for applications in clean and dirty water and can handle soft solids up to 20 mm. They are ideal as a light duty drainage pump, for emptying cellars, rain water collection tanks and decorative fountains.

The pump body, diffuser and strainer made from polypropylene with a Stainless steel motor housing & shaft and noryl impeller. The shaft has a ceramic sleeve at the wear point and double NBR lip seals.


  • Asynchronous single-phase motor with built-in thermal relay
  • Class F motor winding
  • Stainless Steel motor housing & shaft
  • NORYL Impeller
  • IP68 Protection Class
  • 10m power cable
  • Colour lithographed package
  • Suitable for clear water with a maximum temperature of 40°C
  • Propylene pump body & strainer
  • Shaft with ceramic sleeve at wear point and double NBR 70 lip seals
  • Easy open system on the strainer and diffuser for cleaning purposes


VIP Submersible Pumps are suitable for a range of domestic, DIY and garden applications:

  • Emptying of flooded cellars and rooms.
  • Rain water collection tanks
  • Decorative fountains.
  • Draining of standing water and domestic waste water.
  • Drawing water from wells, basins and cisterns.


Model Capacity Weight Power Dimensions
VIPVORT130-5 MAN 130 litres/min 4.5 kg 0.37 kW 300 x 165 x 165 mm
VIPVORT130-5 AUTO 130 litres/min 4.6 kg 0.37 kW 300 x 165 x 165 mm
VIPVORT180-6 AUTO 180 litres/min 4.8 kg 0.32 kW 300 x 165 x 165 mm

Flow Chart

VIPVORT Performance Curve