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Hilta D5 Open Set Diaphragm Pump

Hilta D5 Open Set Diaphragm Pump for Hire

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Hilta D5 Open Set Diaphragm Pump

3" (75mm) Diesel Driven Diaphragm Pump

Hilta D5 Open Set Diaphragm Pump

The Hilta D5 Diaphragm pump has been engineered to provide general purpose pumping of muddy water, sewage effluent and nuisance water.

It will pass solids in suspension up to 40mm.

Its rugged construction combined with lightweight and compact size make it ideal for use on building & construction sites, for factory maintenance and with public utilities.

The pump is capable of running dry on "snore" indefinitely and therefore suitable for running overnight for draining purposes.


  • Maximum Head: 14 m
  • Maximum Flow: 23 m³⁄hr
  • 3" (75 mm) outlet
  • Two wheel site chassis for easier manoeuvrability
  • Compact design making it easier to transport
  • Diesel engine with electric start
  • High solids handling and delivery head suitable for solids & muddy water
  • Cast iron impeller with rapid access for maintenance
  • "Snore" allows run dry without causing damage to the pump


The Hilta D5 Open Set Diaphragm Pump is suitable for a range of applications:

  • General purpose pumping of muddy water
  • Sewage effluent
  • Nuisance water
  • Building & construction sites
  • Factory maintenance
  • Public utilities

Hilta D5 Open Set Pump Specification

Pump Speed (max) 64 stroke/min
Pump Speed (normal) 60 strokes/min
Maximum Output @ 64 strokes/min 22.5 m³/hour
Maximum Delivery Head 14 m
Maximum suction lift 7.5 m
Maximum dry prime depth 5 m
Dimensions & Weights  
Model Yanmar LN48
Starting Electric or Recoil start
Width 600 mm
Height 855 mm
Weight 138 kg (Recoil) / 165 kg (Electric)
Power 1.73 kW @ 2000 rpm
Fuel Tank 2.5 l (Recoil)/ 5.5 l (Electric)
Duration 5.5 hours (Recoil) / 11 hours (Electric)
Sound Pressure @ 7 m 78 dBA

Performance Curve

Hilta D5 Open Set Pump Performace Curve