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Stanley TP03 Hydraulic Submersible Pump


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Stanley TP03 Hydraulic Pump

3" Hydraulic Submersible Wastewater Pump

Stanley TP03 Hydraulic Pump

The Stanley TP03 Trash Pump is the lightest, most efficient way to move large volumes of liquid with concentrations of solids up to 25% by volume. No priming necessary, just drop it into the material and it's ready for work.

The urethane bowl is virtually indestructible - tough, lightweight, abrasion resistant, resilient and impervious to petrochemical solvents.

The TP03 can pump almost anything without damaging the bowl. The TP03's efficient design places the urethane impeller above material flow, reducing blockage, jamming and overall pump wear while keeping liquids moving fast enough to pump high volumes of solids at a much higher head than non-submersible pumps.

For easy maintenance and inspection, simply remove the wing nuts and top plate, clean out the bowl and replace the cover and nuts. You're back to work in less than 5 minutes.

The TP03 can run dry without damaging motor or impeller, reducing the possibility of downtime.

It handles solids up to 3-inches at very high volumes to quickly and efficiently empty sumps, vaults, septic systems, trenches, etc.


  • Maximum Flow: 101 m³⁄hr
  • Safe Hydraulic Drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical
  • Operates with our HS10DH Hydraulic Power Unit

Stanley TP03 Hydraulic Pump Applications

The Stanley TP03 is suitable for a range of applications:

  • Sewer bypass into force mains
  • General transfer of solids laden fluids
  • Where electric power is hazardous or impractical

Stanley TP03 Hydraulic Pump Specification

Capacity 3" Discharge
Performance 1688 l/min
Flow Range 26 - 34 l/min
Pressure 140 bar
Ports -12 and -14 SAE O-Ring
Weight 14 kg
Length 355 mm
Connection HTMA flush Face Couplers
Discharge Connection 3" female pipe thread
Hose Whips No

Stanley TP03 Hydraulic Pump Datasheet

Download the datasheet for the Stanley TP03 Hydraulic Pump

Stanley TP03 Hydraulic Pump Datasheet