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Pedrollo 4SR Submersible Borehole Pump


Pedrollo 4SR Borehole Pump


Pedrollo 4SR Borehole Pump

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Pedrollo 4SR Borehole Pump

Range of Sand Resistant Submersible Borehole Pumps

Pedrollo 4SR Borehole Pump

The Pedrollo 4SR is a range of 4" submersible borehole pumps suitable for pumping clean water with a sand content up to 150 g/m³. The hydraulic design with floating impellers results in high efficiency and reliability, making them ideal for water supply, irrigation and washdown systems.


  • Head: up to 405m
  • Flow: up to 375 litres/min (22.5m³/h)
  • Maximum sand content: 150 g/m³
  • Single or 3-phase option

Product Details

The Pedrollo 4SR range of borehole pumps are suitable for use in clean water applications with a sand content of up to 150 g/m³.

They are ideally suited for use in domestic, civil and industrial applications such as:

  • Distribution of water in combination with pressure sets
  • Irrigation
  • Washing plants
  • Pressure boosting in fire-fighting sets
  • Pumped liquid: clean water with sand max 150 g/m³
  • Use: domestic, civil & industrial
  • Type: submerged
  • Range: for 4" wells

Performance range

  • Flow rate up to 375 l/min (22.5 m³/h)
  • Head up to 405m
  • Application limits
  • Maximum liquid temperature +35°C
  • Maximum sand content 150 g/m³
  • 100m immersion limit


Download the datasheet for the Pedrollo 4SR Borehole Pump Range

Pedrollo 4SR Borehole Pump Range Datasheet