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With years of experience in the pump hire industry, you can be assured that we can provide the best solution for your pump hire application. Our fleet of pump hire units consists of diesel, electric and hydraulic driven pumps, available from stock to give you a fast response to locations in the UK.

We guarantee a genuine 24-hour service, 365 days a year, be it for pump rental, service, or just advice.

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Hire an Open Set Pump View Range

Open Set Pumps for Hire

3" and 4" diesel driven pump units designed for ease of handling and ability to pump water and liquids containing sand, sewage and small semi solids.

Available as road-tow and site-tow.

Hire a Super Silent Pump View Range

Super Silent Pumps for Hire

4", 6" and 8" fully enclosed diesel driven pumps unit with high efficiency, designed to pump waste water and liquids containing sand, sewage and semi solids.

These silent pack pumps are ideal for noise restricted areas and are available as road-tow or skid mounted.

Hire a Hydraulic Pump View Range

Hydraulic Pumps & Portable Power Units for Hire

2", 3", 4" and 6" hydraulic drive submersible pump and power units designed to handle wastewater and sewerage - ideal for deeper applications.

Hire a High Head Pump View Range

High Head Pumps for Hire

3", 4" and 6" diesel driven high head pumps for mines and quarries, or where a high lift is required.

Hire a High Flow Pump View Range

High Flow Pumps for Hire

8" or 12" diesel driven high flow pumps for river diversions, or where a high flow or large volumes of water are required to be moved quickly.

Hire a Specialist Applications Pump View Range

Specialist Application Pumps Hire

Pumps for Specialist Applications

205 Litre (45 Gal) Drum of Diesel View Details

205 Litre (45 Gal) Drum of Diesel

Drums of diesel can be delivered with your initial pump hire, or at any time during the period of work.

Ex-Hire Pumps for Sale View Range

Ex-Hire Pumps for Sale

We have a number of ex-hire pumps available for purchase.

Need something more? We got it covered...

Our pump hire fleet consists of a full range of petrol, diesel, air and electrically driven pumps for pumping high flows, long distances, high heads and even thick slurries and sludges.

Diesel pumps are available fully silenced or open on a range of chassis to suit your site conditions.

Hose, drip trays, settlement tanks, inflatable pipe stoppers and additional fuel tanks are also available.

Not sure what you need? Ask the experts or call us on 01246 201111