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Trelleborg Inflatable Bypass Bags

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Trelleborg Inflatable Bypass Bags

Quick and Reliable Bypass of Drainage Channels, Pipework and Sewers

Trelleborg Inflatable Bypass BagsTrelleborg inflatable bypass bags are the optimum solution for achieving quick and reliable bypass of drainage channels, pipework and sewers.

Inflatable Bypass Bags (sometimes known as bypass stoppers) are quickly inflated to bypass sewers, drainage channels and pipework.

Bypass Bags can also keep the sewer system ecologically clean by guarding it against the inflow of hazardous liquids.

We supply an array of Trelleborg inflatable bypass bags for sale and hire, each of which can accommodate a range of pipe diameters from 40 mm to 1200 mm. For each size there are two versions: a complete pipe stopper for holding back flow or pressure, and a bypass bag which, when combined with the appropriate couplings can be used for air testing, water testing, over-pumping or fluming.


  • Each bypass bag is able to fit a range of pipe diameters (see Specifications Table)
  • Capable of withstanding up to 0.5 bar (5 metres head of water) back pressure
  • Excellent holding on the pipe due to profiled grooves
  • Robust & lightweight design
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Multi-layer bag design with fabric reinforcement enables expansion in diameter but stops longitudinal expansion


Designed for:

  • Bypass of sewer pipelines during repair or maintenance work
  • Avoiding sewage backflow at the source location during pipe bursts
  • Flooding
  • Sewer inspection
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Repair and maintenance work

Due to the numerous application possibilities, Trelleborg inflatable bypass bags are utilised in many different industries:

  • Road construction
  • Civil engineering companies
  • sewer constructors
  • water authorities
  • And even the fire service!


Trelleborg Bypass Bags

Maximum working pressure 3 bar.

Model Pipe ID Range Max
Diameter Length Weight Bauer
100/200 100 to 200 mm 2 bar 95 mm 500 mm 3 kg 3"
200/400 200 to 400 mm 2 bar 180 mm 500 mm 8 kg 6"
300/600 300 to 600 mm 2 bar 290 mm 700 mm 17 kg 6", 8"
500/1000 500 to 1000 mm 2 bar 440 mm 1350 mm 52 kg 8"
500/1200 500 to 1200 mm 2 bar 440 mm 1650 mm 60 kg 8"


Download the Trelleborg Inflatable Bypass Bag Datasheet and Operating Instructions

Trelleborg Bypass Bag Datasheet