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Water Flow Meter

Water Flow Meter

Water Flow Meter

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Water Flow Meter

Water Flow Meter

Our flow meters measure the speed of water passing through piping available for industrial and agricultural use.


  • For measuring the water usage while taking from river and water reservoir, water in irrigation systems and also for measuring the flow of treated sewage in the closed-circuit pipelines, cleaned in sewage treatment plants with a temperature up to 50°C and maximum working pressure up to 16 Bar (PN16).
  • Suitable for installation in the horizontal pipelines with the counter directed upwards, in the vertical or inclined pipelines.

Features and Advantages

  • Easy reading of the counter
  • Hermetic counter, IP68 (optional)
  • Counter mechanism with blockade against multiple rotating
  • Double sided axle bearing
  • Indications reliability


  • Water Supply Networks
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Industrial Use

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Working Pressure: Standard - 16 bar
  • Temperature: 60°C
  • Body: Cast Iron, Polyester Coated. Optional: Bronze
  • Connection: Flanges according to ISO, BS 10, AWWA or others

Performance Specifications

Size Permanent
Flow (m3/h)
Flow (m3/h)
Flow (l/h)
Working Pressure (bar) Dimensions
L x H (mm)
3" 100 125,00 5000 16 225 x 290
4" 160 200,00 8000 16 255 x 300
6" 400 500,00 20000 16 300 x 340
8" 630 787,50 31500 16 350 x 395


Download the datasheets for the Water Flow Meter

Water Flow Meter Datasheet