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Drip Trays for Hire


Drip Trays for Hire

Hire a Drip Tray

Hire a Drip Tray.

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Drip Trays

Durable spill containment

Drip TrayHere at Maris Pumps we are eager to prevent environmental damage caused by fuel or oil spillages when refuelling or maintaining our pumps. As such a full range of drip trays are available for both hire and sale to suit ALL of our pumps.

Always trying to comply with the Environment Agency's guidelines some of our pump units now come with built-in drip trays but the use of an additional extra length drip tray gives extra protection.

Maris Pumps would always recommend the use of drip trays when working close to waterways or where there is risk of ground water pollution.

Drip TrayThese drip trays are designed to house a variety of skid based, two wheeled and four wheeled units.

All of our drip trays are supplied with built in lifting eyes for easier movement on site.


Our Drip Trays are suitable for

  • Industrial Usage
  • Site Usage
  • Prevent environmental damage