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We hold and supply an extensive range of pumps including multi-stage, borehole, positive displacement, diaphragm, submersible and centrifugal. We work closely with the leading manufacturers and endeavour to work out the most cost effective pump package for your application.


We have a full range of petrol, diesel, air and electrically driven pumps for pumping high flows, long distances, high heads and even thick slurries and sludges. Diesel pumps are available fully silenced or open on a range of chassis to suit your site conditions. Hose, Drip trays, settlement tanks, Vetter & Trelleborg inflatable pipe stoppers and additional fuel tanks are also available.

Hoses & Fittings

We have large quantities of hose available for hire from 1" to 16" of all types. Hoses and fittings are available for sale in all sizes and can be supplied in standard lengths or cut to order. We have large stocks of fittings including flanges, strainers, valves, flow meters, nozzles and other fittings.

Service & Parts

We can install, service, maintain and repair all types of diesel and electric pumps and systems including submersible and free-standing. Repair work can be carried out on your site or on our premises and a free estimate will be given before any work is carried out. All our work is fully guaranteed.

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