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Why You Need a Road Ramp with Your Next Pump Hire

Road RampDuring routine utilities maintenance, it is sometimes necessary to pump water across a road. This normally involves removal of the road surface in order to lay a temporary hose, and reinstatement of the road surface upon works completion. Not only is this a costly process, but disruption to the flow of traffic is unavoidable.

To eliminate this unnecessary cost, Maris Pumps Ltd has developed the Road Ramp, a unique, patented pipe ramp which allows water to be pumped across a road whilst maintaining traffic flow and rendering the job of digging up the road completely redundant. Simply connect the Road Ramp in-line with your hose using the integrated Bauer couplings, and start the pump.

Key to the Road Ramp‘s strength and durability is its triangular profile. The flat centre-section of traditional pipe ramp road crossings (which have a tendency to collapse under use causing leaks) has been removed at the design stage. In fact, we’ve load-tested the Road Ramp up to 70 tonnes – more than enough for a fully laden fire engine or articulated lorry.

Our unique, registered design means we’re the only company able to offer a road crossing ramp with a low apex height of just 75 mm – that’s 25% less than the maximum permitted height for a speed bump!

Road Ramp

The flat, low design of the ramp enables traffic to pass virtually undisrupted (without the risk of bottoming-out) while you pump up to 550 m³/hour through the free-flowing hose section. The design also eliminates the need for a box junction, ensuring that the Road Ramp doesn’t “rag up” even on heavy sewage jobs.

It is fitted with 6″ Bauer compatible couplings as standard and has lifting eyes for easy on-site handling.

The Road Ramp saves time, money and effort, allowing you to get your work completed quicker.