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Maris Pumps Ltd looking to the future after becoming a Flygt distributor

Flygt Ready Submersible PumpMaris Pumps Ltd is celebrating with news of becoming a Flygt distributor. The world’s premier manufacturer of Submersible pumps and mixers have teamed up with Maris Pumps Ltd to strengthen the business and offer a more enhanced service of the Flygt product to existing and new customers.
Under the Flygt banner, customers have access to a complete range of products and solutions for moving water, wastewater, and advanced monitoring and control equipment to optimize their use.
Maris Pumps offer a large range of Flygt products with free next day delivery, including SX, DX & DXV Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps, Flygt Ready Submersible Drainage Pumps and the Flygt 2000 & 3000 Series Submersible Pumps.

This news comes soon after Maris Pumps Ltd became an approved Trelleborg distributor and the first company in the UK to sell the new pipe stopper products from the world-wide brand. This is a huge milestone in Maris Pumps’ growth.
General Manager Steve Mosley commented “This is fantastic news for our company at a time or rapid growth and a relationship which we feel will be beneficial to both parties who share a passion and determination to offer effective solutions in the transport and treatment of water and wastewater”.
Since its formation in 2003, Maris Pumps Ltd has provided a genuine 24 hour pump hire service to the construction, water and civil engineering industries. Their fleet of pump hire equipment, backed up by years of experience, enables you to get the right pump for the application, first call, every time.

Visit our Flygt range here.

For more information on Flygt or any of our products, call us on 01246 201111 or email us sales@marispumps.com.

Maris Pumps Ltd become the UK’s first distributor for new Trelleborg range

Trelleborg Pipe Stoppers & Bypass BagsMaris Pumps Ltd is proud to announce it has been appointed an approved Trelleborg distributor and will be the first company in the UK to stock the new range of inflatable pipe stoppers and bypass bags. Trelleborg offer a new standard in inflatable pipe stoppers which enable a lighter, more flexible and safer use which are available now at marispumps.com.
The benefits of Trelleborg pipe plugs include improved positioning of the reinforced material which means a much lighter product, new design means tight manholes or 90˚ turns are no longer an issue and the new design and quality makes this new pipe plug safer to use.

Maris Pumps offer free nationwide, next-day delivery & collection; simply repack the inflatable pipe stopper and controller into the transport crate and Maris Pumps will collect it from your site.

Inflatable pipe stoppers and bypass bags from Trelleborg are an optimum solution for Trelleborg Approved Distributorachieving quick and reliable sealing of drainage channels, pipework and sewers, enabling inspection, maintenance or repair work to be carried out. A range of sizes are available to suit pipework in all applications from 40mm drainage channels through to 1200mm sewers.
Inflatable pipe stoppers enable the complete blanking of pipework, while bypass bags seal the pipework, and in conjunction with a suitable pump, will bypass the working area.

General Manager Steve Mosley commented “We are hugely excited to be able to offer our customers products from the Trelleborg range.  Having supported the product for over a decade we are delighted to now be appointed as an approved distributor which has allowed us to increase our stock levels that are available for both hire and sales.  Combine this with our dedicated and knowledgeable staff on hand 24 hours a day you can rest assured your requirements will be dealt with in a swift and positive manner”.

Since its formation in 2002, Maris Pumps Ltd has provided a genuine 24 hour pump hire service to the construction, water and civil engineering industries. Their fleet of pump hire equipment, backed up by years of experience, enables you to get the right pump for the application.

Call 01246 201111 or visit www.marispumps.com/trelleborg for more info

Introducing Zenit to our Submersible Pump range!

Zenit DRWe are delighted to announce that we now have new Zenit submersible pumps available direct from our website! The fantastic products include the DR Blue Pro, DG Blue Pro, DG, DGO and DGN ranges for drainage and sewage use.

We stock a great range of Zenit pumps in 110V, 230V and 400V with single & 3-phase configurations, all available with free, next-day delivery!

View the new Zenit Subemersible pump range here

205 Litre (45 Gal) Drums of Diesel For Sale

Drum of DieselMaris Pumps is pleased to announce that we now have for sale 205 litre drums of red diesel.

Have an emergency requirement? Need it now? Contact us on 01246 201111.

We pride ourselves our rapid response times – no longer wait for days for your current supplier – we aim to deliver within 2 hours of your initial call!

Diesel can be delivered with your pump hire or at any time during the period of work.

All drums transported in UN approved containers.

Why you probably need a settlement tank with your hire pump

Settlement tanks are increasingly becoming a necessity on many sites where environmental considerations need to be taken. They offer a degree of protection, ensuring that oil, silts and fines are not discharged back in the watercourse.

The Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG6 states that:

Surface waters and groundwater have legal protection. It is an offence to pollute them.

Silt and oil are the most common construction site pollutants to water. Your site doesn’t need to be next to a river to cause a problem; any pollutants getting into drains can end up in a river even if it’s miles away from site, and can be traced back to their source. Drainage systems, including land drains, act as unseen pathways. If your site is near surface waters or drainage connection leading to surface waters, you’ll need to take extra care to manage your site activities to reduce the risk of pollution.

A settlement tank typically has a number of internal baffle plates or wiers which reduce the flow velocity allowing suspended particles to settle out. Since oil floats on water the baffles can be constructed in such a way that the water flows under the plate, leaving the oil trapped behind the first baffle.

The illustration below shows the flow of water through the settlement tank – entering at the top, the water then flow under the first baffle, leaving any oil floating on top and trapped in this first section, then flows over a v-notch in the second baffle before being discharged.

Illustration of settlement tank showing flow of water

Maris Pumps offer a range of settlement tanks for hire.

Rapid Response Pump Hire for the Environment Agency


Blithfield Reservoir in Staffordshire recently played host to a training day held by the Environment Agency in order to measure emergency response times to aid in future flood alleviation plans.

Maris Pumps Ltd, partnered with the Environment Agency,  received an emergency call to mobilise pumping equipment including a 12” high flow pump and associated pipework to the reservoir and quickly deployed 2 HGV’s to the site.

Upon arrival, and after performing risk assessments and following appropriate health and safety procedures, Maris Pumps’ engineers swiftly set up the 12” high flow Pegson VS200HF in a prime position whilst being timed by Environment Agency staff. To mitigate against any potential environmental contamination, the pump was setup with a drip tray and emergency spill kits were on hand.


Felix Chigama, FCRM Advisor at the Environment Agency, commented on the quick response, efficient setup and environmental awareness of service provided Maris Pumps and on the overall success of the training day.

12in-PumpSee our full range of pump hire equipment.

Why You Need a Road Ramp with Your Next Pump Hire

Road RampDuring routine utilities maintenance, it is sometimes necessary to pump water across a road. This normally involves removal of the road surface in order to lay a temporary hose, and reinstatement of the road surface upon works completion. Not only is this a costly process, but disruption to the flow of traffic is unavoidable.

To eliminate this unnecessary cost, Maris Pumps Ltd has developed the Road Ramp, a unique, patented pipe ramp which allows water to be pumped across a road whilst maintaining traffic flow and rendering the job of digging up the road completely redundant. Simply connect the Road Ramp in-line with your hose using the integrated Bauer couplings, and start the pump.

Key to the Road Ramp‘s strength and durability is its triangular profile. The flat centre-section of traditional pipe ramp road crossings (which have a tendency to collapse under use causing leaks) has been removed at the design stage. In fact, we’ve load-tested the Road Ramp up to 70 tonnes – more than enough for a fully laden fire engine or articulated lorry.

Our unique, registered design means we’re the only company able to offer a road crossing ramp with a low apex height of just 75 mm – that’s 25% less than the maximum permitted height for a speed bump!

Road Ramp

The flat, low design of the ramp enables traffic to pass virtually undisrupted (without the risk of bottoming-out) while you pump up to 550 m³/hour through the free-flowing hose section. The design also eliminates the need for a box junction, ensuring that the Road Ramp doesn’t “rag up” even on heavy sewage jobs.

It is fitted with 6″ Bauer compatible couplings as standard and has lifting eyes for easy on-site handling.

The Road Ramp saves time, money and effort, allowing you to get your work completed quicker.