Maris Pumps Sponsor – Rother Valley Training Group

Maris Pumps have been proud to sponsor us, the Rother Valley Training Group. (RVTG) has been training Newfoundland dogs for over 15 years. We train our dogs in water rescue and draught (carting), and have some of the best working dogs in the country.

Newfoundlands are strong dogs, with excellent stamina and endurance. They can tow heavy loads in carts on land, as well as towing boats and people in water. They have webbed feet, jowls which help them breathe while swimming, and a double-coat which keeps their skin dry, all of which means they are strong swimmers able to cope with very cold temperatures.

We are part of the Northern Newfoundland Club. Our members are involved in all sorts of activities including raising awareness of the breed, fundraising for Newfoundland welfare, and welcoming and supporting newcomers to Newfoundland training. We have an excellent demonstration team which is proud to be sponsored by Maris Pumps.

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