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Hillhead 2016

It was great to see you all at Hillhead 2016 and we appreciate all your supportive comments on our new range of Diesel Driven Pumps. Thank you.20160628_095937 20160628_100345-2 20160628_100624

Mega pump installation in Swarkestone

maris-pumps-case-study-10-3A request came in from a local quarry to replace their old hire pumps by purchasing a new electric submersible pump to be used to transfer water as part of their sand production process.

The Maris Pumps team were on hand to help and recommended a 90kW Grindex Mega N pump. Initially installing a pump from our hire fleet to prove to the end user we could increase flow and pressure while reducing their current power consumption we were quickly asked to provide a sale item.



Maris Pumps Sponsor – Rother Valley Training Group

Maris Pumps have been proud to sponsor us, the Rother Valley Training Group. (RVTG) has been training Newfoundland dogs for over 15 years. We train our dogs in water rescue and draught (carting), and have some of the best working dogs in the country.

Newfoundlands are strong dogs, with excellent stamina and endurance. They can tow heavy loads in carts on land, as well as towing boats and people in water. They have webbed feet, jowls which help them breathe while swimming, and a double-coat which keeps their skin dry, all of which means they are strong swimmers able to cope with very cold temperatures.

We are part of the Northern Newfoundland Club. Our members are involved in all sorts of activities including raising awareness of the breed, fundraising for Newfoundland welfare, and welcoming and supporting newcomers to Newfoundland training. We have an excellent demonstration team which is proud to be sponsored by Maris Pumps.

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Flygt Ready Pumps & Their Advantages

Multipurpose. Multi use. Made for the duration.

Why should you buy Flygt?

Flygt Ready Series Submersible Pumps

Whether it’s for construction or industrial sites, manholes or emergency situations, you’ll be ready for on-the-spot dewatering – time and time again.

The smallest of the Flygt electric submersible dewatering pumps, the Ready series is built to withstand tough jobsite use, removing contaminated water and water containing sand and gravel, with ease.

Flygt Ready pumps handle flows up to 420 l/min, heads to 14 m, and solids up to 38 mm in diameter. Available with power ratings from 0.4 to 0.9 kW, these portable drainage pumps are lightweight and engineered for professional use.

Extremely Serviceable Parts

Invest in a Flygt pump and you’ll make scrapping used pumps a thing of the past. With there highly serviceable parts and emergency shut of systems to avoid damage and back flow, you can keep your flygt ready series pump running for much much longer than your standard submersible pump.

Highly serviceable Flygt ready series pumps are designed with a removable top that allows easy access for cable changes and component replacements. The hydraulic end is made for simple and quick replacement of wear parts and seals. Engineered for repeated use, year after year, Ready pumps are the smart choice to reduce environmental impact, as they making scrapping a thing of the past.

 Intelligent designUntitled-3

Compact and Lightweight

Built with a compact motor and lightweight materials, Ready pumps are easy to carry, install and service. These pumps go where other pumps do not fit and can be stored easily in service vehicles for quick response to flooding or clean-up.

Made for Wear and Tear

The cast aluminium outer casing, stator housing and polyurethane hydraulic parts make Ready pumps durable for tough job-site environments. They deliver professional level performance and higher wear resistance in a compact size.

Highly serviceable

Ready is designed with a removable top that allows easy access for cable changes and component replacements. The hydraulic end is made for simple and quick replacement of wear parts and seals. Engineered for repeated use, year after year, Ready pumps are the smart choice to reduce environmental impact

Features & Benefits

  • Tough and Durable – will withstand robust on-site handling
  • Aluminium and Polyethane construction
  • Lightweight design – easy to handle
  • Option: Automatic operation with float switch

Performance / Specifications Summary

  • Maximum Head: 14m
  • Maximum Flow: 420 l/min
  • Free Passage: 5mm for Ready 4 and 8, 38mm for Ready 8S
  • 2″ (51mm) outlet
  • 110V or 230V version available
  • 10 m power cable
  • Supplied with hose tail adaptor


2014-10-13 14.08.48

Major Over-Pumping Project in Stafford

Maris called in at short notice to provide a major over-pumping solution in Stafford.  Maris quickly setup six mobile diesel driven end suction pumps which comprised of 4 eight in pumps and 2 four inch pumps. Stafford city centre is undergoing major transformation with construction of new precinct shopping centre, a new multi storey car park which incorporates a flood defence system to protect the city centre, cinema and a flagship store for John Lewis.

Maris pumps have been appointed to over pump the existing city centre sewage while new drains are being laid and connected, the installation consists of 3 x 8” diesel sets running 24 hours with a 4TH unit as a standby, you can see in the pictures the triple 8” pipe runs from the old sewage manholes to the 600×600 manhole in the main road opposite Asda. the 24hr service that Maris pump offer, as of yet, has not been necessary on the site, regardless, we are always waiting on standby, should anything occur.

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2014-10-13 12.26.28

2014-10-13 13.55.59

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2014-10-13 14.30.30



Silver Ski Rocket Oliver Greenwood, rode through the opposition to win the British U-19 Championship at Kent Speedway’s Central Park venue in Sittingbourne.

The teenager reeled off five straight victories to claim the title with a 15 point maximum, a point clear of British U-21 winner Josh Bates and two of Jack Kingston.

He had to work hard at various points along the way, though, starting with his opening ride success over both those challengers in Heat 4 when he trapped in front from the outside and retained his advantage despite a blanket finish. He also came out on top in an epic duel with former British U-16 Champion Nathan Greaves in Heat 9 that ended when his rival overcooked the final bend and fell, nearly taking Greenwood with him.

Greenwood’s other victories were more straightforward, with his last in Heat 18 wrapping up the title and starting a night of celebration.

Rye House team manager John Sampford was quick to offer his congratulations on behalf of the club. “We’re absolutely delighted for Ollie. Tonight, he delivered on the rich potential that we know he possesses.

“You can’t do more than beating everyone that is put in front of you. Realistically, there were three other riders who had a realistic chance of winning the title, but when he defeated two of them in Heat 4, it dictated much of the tone for the rest of the meeting.”

Greenwood now has the opportunit

y to complete a unique double when he bids for further success, in his dual 

guise with the Coventry Storm, in the National League Riders’ Championship (sponsored by Paradise Wildlife Park) at Rye House on Sunday, September 28th (2pm start). 
Congratulations, Ollie!

Oliver Greenwood 15, Josh Ba

 8, Ellis Perks 8, Connor Mountain 8, Adam Portwood 6, Jamie Couzins 6, Macauley Leek 5, Scooter Webster 4, Layne Cupitt 2, Sean Phillips 1, Danyon Hume 1.tes 14, Jack Kingston 13, Nathan Greaves 11, Luke Harris 9, Kelsey Dugard 8, Danno Verge



Maris Pumps Sponsor Racing Star

Maris Pumps is proud to sponsor Oliver Greenwood

Ollie Greenwood sponsors Maris Pumps

Here’s an update from Ollie on his season so far…

The season is just starting to get under-way and as usual the bad and cold weather returns, although first few meetings haven’t suffered too badly with it only one getting abandoned due to the weather. I’ve had both my press and practices with photos and on track practice for the fans and my first premier league meeting was 18/03/14 at Peterborough v Rye house and I scored 4+1 from 4 rides which was a decent start with it being the first meeting and being race rusty.

My next fixture was the was the following Friday (21/03/14) at Coventry against Cradley Heathens which was my first national League match which I scored a maximum of 6 points from 2 rides but then the match was abandoned due too the track conditions which was getting worse as the races went on , my next fixture came the next day Saturday (22/03/14) at Leicester with me riding for Peterborough in Premier league in a Interleague competition as Leicester are In the Elite League and I scored 8 Points from 4 rides which I was happy with my performance considering my average I have to start on in the league is 3 points.

Next match was at Peterborough against Plymouth (25/03/14) and had a good night scoring 5+2 from my first 3 rides but then disaster struck when the floods lights at the stadium wouldn’t stay on due to an electrical fault under the track that the track staff couldn’t fix immediately so this meeting also got abandoned.

So all in all my season has started quite well and is very promising and a good start to build on for the rest of the year!

Maris Pumps Sponsor Ollie Greenwood

Maris Pumps Sponsor Ollie Greenwood

Maris Pumps Sponsor Ollie Greenwood