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Which Pump Hose Do I Need?

Layflat Hose

Layflat HoseLayflat is lightweight and convenient hose which rolls flat when not in use.

It is quick to deploy and ideally suited for use as short runs (say 50 m) of delivery hose. The pressure of the water in the hose holds it open and therefore may cause greater friction losses than rigid pipe of the same internal diameter.

Can be used across roads and will accept light traffic driving over it (although pin-hole leaks may occur). For a better solution, see our Road Ramp.

It is not suitable for use as suction hose.

Available in various inside diameters such as 25 mm (1″), 32 mm (1¼”), 38 mm (1½”), 51 mm (2″), 76 mm (3″), 102 mm (4″) & 152 mm (6″). Sizes 51 mm (2”) and up are available with bauer compatible couplings.

Rigid Plastic Polypipe

Polypipe Rigid Delivery HoseA rigid yet lightweight hose ideally suited for use on the delivery side of the pump.

Polypipe is ideally suited to longer runs or semi-permanent installations.

It is supplied in 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” internal diameters in 6 m (20 ft) “sticks” with bauer compatible quick release couplings.

Wire Armoured Hose

Wire Armoured Rubber Suction & Delivery HoseA very durable wire reinforced rubber hose fitted with Bauer couplings.

Wire Armoured Hose is ideal for use on the inlet side of the pump as it won’t collapse under suction, although can be used as delivery hose as well.

Wire Armoured Hose is available in 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” internal diameters in 3m (10 ft) or 6 m (20 ft) lengths.

Green Medium Duty Hose (“Kanaflex”)

Green Medium Duty Suction and Delivery HoseThis is a general purpose, lightweight PVC spiral/corrugated hose ideal for use as suction and delivery hose.

It is flexible, hardwearing and cost-effective making it a suitable alternative to Wire Armoured Hose for smaller pumps and lighter applications.

Green Medium Duty Suction and Delivery Hose is available in a range of inside diameters such as 25 mm (1″), 32 mm (1¼”), 38 mm (1½”), 51 mm (2″), 76 mm (3″), 102 mm (4″) & 152 mm (6″) and in lengths up to 30 m (100 ft). It is available as hose, or as an assembly with bauer-compatible couplings.

What is the difference between a Puddle Pump and a Submersible Pump?

A submersible pump is usually a small electric pump used for drainage duties. As the name implies, the whole pump can be submerged under water – in most cases this is necessary to keep the electric motor cool and prevent overheating.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps can be manually or automatically operated. Manual pumps require the user to switch the pump on when required and off when the water has drained away (dry-running of a submersible pump will normally cause damage to its internals). Automatically operated pumps have a float switch (similar to a ball-cock in a toilet cistern) which switches the pump on and off at pre-set water levels. Submersible pumps with float switches usually require a certain amount of space around the float for it to operate and these work best in tanks or for drainage of cellars/basements in a sump (essentially a hole dug into the floor where water collects).

Submersible pumps will typically drain water down to a level of approximately 30 mm.

A popular example of a domestic-use submersible pump is the Pedrollo TOP range – you can see in the diagram below a typical installation in a sump, with sufficient space for the float to operate unobstructed.

Pedrollo TOP Submersible Pump installation in a sump

Puddle Pumps / Puddle Suckers

Puddle Pumps (also known as Puddle Suckers) are submersible pumps with the ability to drain down to very low levels (typically as low as  1mm, and so can be fully or partially submerged). They are usually manually operated (no float switch) and are ideal for draining water from flat surfaces such as roofs, car-parks and cellars.

Puddle Pump in Cellar

Automatic operation is an option for some puddle pumps in fixed installations through the use of a capacitive water sensor and control unit.


A Puddle Pump is really just a type of submersible pump with a specifically designed impeller and strainer to allow for low-level drainage applications on flat surfaces.

Our two best-selling puddle pumps are the Pedrollo TOP Floor, which pumps down to 2mm and is ideal for domestic drainage duties, and the RSD-400 Puddle Pump, a higher performance pump which drains down to 1mm and due to its stainless steel construction is suitable for domestic and on-site drainage.

See our full range of submersible pumps.